Partners Doing Good For The Community


We are privileged to serve a range of organizations whose work collectively will offer: 

  • Supports for people with intellectual disabilities, so that they can realize their full potential, and become contributing members of their community.
  • Provide jobs.
  • Shelter homeless families.
  • Buys and sell gently used kids’ clothing, shoes, toys and baby gear offering you the opportunity to recycle children’s nearly new item.
  • Educate under-served populations;
  • Promote arts education
  • Promote the community eco-system and local farmers.

Our clients are national and local. It’s not an exaggeration to say that the work of our clients literally shapes our world. Each month we highlight one or more of our awesome clients.


At Once Upon A Child selling your gently used kids stuff is easy and convenient. Their business model is a way to helps mom’s save money on new purchases while walking away with a little extra pocket cash for items they no longer need. Visit their website to find out more or locate a store in your area. Not in your area? Contact them about franchise opportunities.


Smile Farms Inc.’s mission is to provide developmentally disabled adults with meaningful work opportunities at local farms, urban gardens, greenhouses and farm stands where they can grow and sell flowers, plants and produce in their local communities.

Each Smile Farms campus is a revenue-generating business that can use the funds earned to support its participants’ employment and its mission. Smile Farms works closely with its partners to devise site-specific farming and marketing plans that maximize profitability. It helps fund start-up costs and provides ongoing financial support to the campus based on the number of people employed.

Smile Farms plants, flowers and fresh produce are sold in a variety of venues in the communities where campuses are located; are used in partner organizations’ kitchens; and are donated to local nonprofits serving people who are in need.



Community-based residential homes allow people with intellectual and physical disabilities to experience a community oriented homelike environment, while receiving the specialized care they require.  Each residence is home to between three and 32 individuals who receive care from a staff of trained professionals.  In homes that are designed to reflect each individuals’ needs, including specially constructed homes for non-ambulatory individuals, every feature is designed to provide maximum mobility and safety.  Designed to exceed strict Federal and state guidelines, these homes are unique structures for people with unique challenges.  The ambitious goals of IGHL’s residential programs are to encourage growth toward living more independent lives, while providing a genuine sense of belonging; and, most importantly, to continually nurture each person’s physical, psychological and emotional growth.




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